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2008. 8. 1. 14:55 from self-help

Do it quick

  • 1. Decide if it's worth doing, and if so:
  • 2. Do it quick — not perfect. just do it.
  • 3. Save it. upload it. publish it
  • 4. See what people think
    • Though I'm always reluctant to add new features to things, once I have that "yeah!" moment of deciding something is worth doing, it's usually up on the website a few hours later, flawed but launched, letting feedback guide future refinement of it.

      —Derek Sivers, president and programmer, CD Baby and HostBaby

Getting Real을 읽다가, 위의 인용문을 보았다.

가치있는지 판단하고,
그렇다면 완벽하지 않더라도 신속히 실행하고,
사람들의 반응을 살피라.
웹서비스 개발에 대한 얘기지만, 내 일상생활에 필요한 간단하고도 적절한 조언이다.

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  1. addr | edit/del | reply 비티 2008.08.01 17:27

    좋은 구절인데요... 저도 대충 저대로 살려고 노력중... 게을러지지 않는 좋은 방법인듯... ^^